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Milmul Distribution Sdn Bhd
'Milmul'  a Korean term that captures the essence of sea water as it gracefully yet powerfully advances onto the land. This rising tide, though serene in appearance, swiftly carries everything in its path, filling the land with unstoppable force. At our company, we aspire to embody the dynamic spirit of K-beauty, sweeping across the globe with the same unstoppable momentum. Join us in experiencing a flagship store like no other, where the prestige of a recognized brand and endless inspiration await you. Together, let's capture the peak moments of beauty innovation.
Mission Core Value
Deliver a superior shopping experience that offers exceptional value and outstanding service. Our selection of brands and products is carefully curated, monitored, and tested to seamlessly integrate into our busy daily lives, while providing significant anti-aging benefits. We are committed to establishing a robust and practical distribution network with a forward-thinking approach to long-term success.